My Top 10 Blackberry Apps

One of the first things many BlackBerry users do is install new apps onto their pride and joy. There are so many programs out there that sometimes, choosing the best ones can be quite difficult especially when there are so many choices or each individual task. I myself have a BlackBerry Bold 9000 and have quite a bit of apps I run and test on my machine. Here are my top 10 picks of apps I keep installed on my BlackBerry at all times. This is in no specific order.
1. Facebook 1.5

This app definitely is not as good as the iPhone Facebook app, but it does pretty much everything I need it to do. It is constantly pushing notifications to me about what is going on with my friends as well as allows me to update my status. Another bonus is that it allows me to upload mobile photos direct from my phone and onto my Facebook page. Notifications also show up in my default message box.

2. AIM

Now I know there are apps out there that can do multiprotocal chats, but since I only really use AIM, this works just fine for what I need. I uses up very little resources and does not seem to eat up my battery like some other programs did. Notifications also show up in my default message box which is a plus.

3. Google Maps w/ Latitude

This is the best mapping program on the BlackBerry. Period. It does not do turn by turn navigiation, but it can look up complete directions to anywhere you need to go. It also Allows for realtime GPS tracking if your BlackBerry is equiped with a GPS chip. If not, it will approximate your location thtough cell tower signals.

4. Socialscope

I only just started using Socialscope, and so far its one of my favorite twitter clients. It does seem to be a much larger program in size when compared to Twitterberry or Ubertwitter but that is in part to the fact that it also has Facebook integration for realtime friend status updates. There are a few kinks in Socialscope that I hope there work out but so far, its a very nice program. Sine it is a closed beta however, many of you may not be able to try it. So my alternative choice for a twitter client would be either the popular Twitterberry or the newcomer, Uberberry. Both have their pro’s and cons. At the moment there is no true do it everything twitter client.Each one of these programs has a unique feature that I wish they would all somehow impliment. I will comment on these later in another blog post comparing the 3 programs.

5. Flickr

I really wished Rimm would have released their Google Picassa app for the BlackBerry, but instead, they ended up release the Flickr app. If you hav a Flickr account, then this is a must have. It is very easy to use and is very fast. Its a pretty barebones app however as all it does is upload pictures. You can not view your gallery with it.

6. Poynt

I love Poynt. The interface is clean and it if GPS enabled. Poynt allows you to search for any kind of place you are looking for in your general location. It is linked to the database and serach results come up very fast. It also displays map locations using Google Maps if you ahve it installed.

7. Pandora and of Slacker Radio
This was a tossup between Pandora and Slacker Radio. Ultimately it all depends on your preferences. Both are very good streaming radio apps and both are very very fast with really good audio quality. Slacker has the slight advantage with being able to cache stations on the SD card, but Pandora has a slight advantage with audio quality over wifi. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

Most of you with only 1 email address may just use the default BlackBerry inbox for all your emails, but for some who have multiple accounts, the GMAIL app might be for you. I use the GMAIL app because I get lots of gmail emails and I woudl rather not have them clog up my inbox since I also get work emails on my BlackBerry. The GMAIL app can handle multiple gmail accounts and can also check periodically for new incomming mail. I recommend for those with many gmail accounts.

This is a great app for streaming live video from your BlackBerry to the Qik website. Its similar to YouTube, but allows you to directly stream and upload videos to your Qik account. I find it to be pretty handy to use once in a while.

10.Worldmate Live
This is a great app to have for those who travel a lot. Throug hthe Worldmate Live site, you can schedual flights, hotel bookings and vehicle rentals. Everythign gets synced to your BlackBerry WML app. It can also sync to the default BlackBerry calendar so all your appointments and information are all in one place. There is a free and paid version of the app, but I find the free version offers enough where you shouldn’t need to upgrade to the paid version unless you need a lot of realtime travel updates.

Honorable Mentions
Some honorable mentions and apps that I do keep loaded on my BlackBerry are Filemanager Pro, Berryannoying, and YATCA.


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