E3 2010: New Xbox 360 Slim Announced Along With Other News

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Press Event just ended  a few minutes ago and I have to say that I wasn’t really too impressed with anything they announced. First off, the Kinect (Project Natal) is not all that impressive to me. The technology is good but the shovelware they showed is just blah in my opinion. It’s nothing we haven’t already seen on the Nintendo Wii already. I don’t want to play fitness games on it, I don’t want to play cheap casual games on it, and I don’t want to dance with it. The navigation of the UI and Video chat are about the only 2 things I find interesting about the Kinect and none of that had to do with the gaming aspect of it.

MS also did not really show off too many new games that we already didn’t know about. Call of Duty: Black Ops looked fantastic and showed that Activision really doesn’t need Infinity Ward to make a great looking CoD game. Hideo Kojima showed off the first glimpse of Metal Gear: Rising, and it looks great. I’m looking forward to a new Metal Gear on the Xbox. Fable 3 was shown off too and it also looked great. Halo: Reach was shown and I have to say that it might put my faith back into the Halo franchise as I lost much of my interest with it after Halo 3. Oh, Gears of War 3 was shown too but it just looks like more of the same that we already come to expect from GoW. Nothing new really.

Last but no least, a new Xbox 360 Slim was shown. Pricing for it will be the same as the current Xbox 360 and will include a 250GB non-removable HHD but will now also come with wifi standard. Those units are shipping to retailers this week so you will be able to buy them next week I assume.

That’s about all I can remember as this year’s press even in my opinion really wasn’t that exciting at all. All I wanted to hear about was HULU integration and MS made no mention of it at all even though we’ve been hearing rumors of it for the past couple of weeks.

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