E3 2010: Early Access Medal of Honor Beta (June 17th)

Yesterday I wrote about what I thought was the way to get into the Medal of Honor Beta on June 21st. Well, after finally being able to log into EA’s new Gun Club website, I have a little bit more information about an early access to the beta that they have listed on the site and the date for that says June 17th! After logging in, I was greeted with this screen below with some more detailed information:

It does seem like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is definitely tied to the beta access and if you have VIP status. This means you had either bought the game new or paid extra for VIP status. There also seems to be one more requirement which is to preorder Medal of Honor. I’m not sure if the above means you either need both or just one of the requirements. Hopefully I’ll know more later.

Its also interesting to see that BF:BC2 VIP members will also get early access to the M24 Sniper Rifle.

Update: This is listed in the FAQ.

Eligible members can earn early access to the M24 Sniper Rifle in the upcoming Medal of Honor™ game.  If you pre-order Medal of Honor™, you’ll also get to play the beta before anyone else starting June 17!

To qualify for these rewards, you must be a Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 VIP Club member.  If you bought a new console version of the game, you must redeem the VIP access code enclosed with your game to become a VIP Club member. If you don’t have a VIP code, you can purchase one via the in-game store and register it to become a VIP Club member. PC players need a new copy of the game and go online in multiplayer mode to become a VIP Club member.

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