PlayStation 3 Controller Not Very Children Friendly – Doesn’t Work Well With Small Hands

Currently on the PlayStation 3, I am playing ModNation Racers. I bought this game in hopes that I could have a kart style game that my son and I could play together. One problem. The PlayStation 3 controllers are not exactly made for use by my son’s small hands. He’s 4. You see, when he holds the controller like you are suppose too in order to also use the triggers for driving, his thumbs can not reach either of the thumb-sticks. They are so far in that the only way for him to even reach the thumb-sticks is move his hand down away from the triggers or to put the controller on the ground and use them like how you would use a fight stick.

This is a problem he only has with the PlayStation 3 controllers as when he is using the Xbox 360 controllers for driving games, he can reach the left thumb-stick just fine since they are so close to the side of the controller. He really never needs to use the right thumb-stick as most of the games I let him play only require use of 1 thumb-stick, the left one. This is pretty disappointing as I was really hoping that I would get to play this game with him. As of right now, I can’t.

One of my only solutions is to buy one of these new controllers that have been popping up recently from third party manufactures. What they are doing now is mimicking the button and thumb-stick placement of the Xbox 360 controllers and applying it to the PlayStation 3.  The one on the left is the Power A Pro Elite Wireless Controller for $49.99. The one in the middle is the PDP Afterglow AP.1 for $29.99. The one on the right is the Nyko Raven (Alternative congiuration) for $39.99. Each of these has their own unique features but they all perform the same function – to mimic the button layout of a 360 controller. These controllers are also a slight been larger than your average PS3 controller so if you want to get one of these, I suggest you try them out first at the store and see if they make it easier for your child to hold.

I hope to post an update soon after I purchase one of these.

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