This Week’s ModNation Racers Creations: DC Comics Edition Pt.3 – 08.27.10


Welcome to another edition of ModNation Racers Creations. This week we have another set of DC Comics characters as well as one which started off as a cartoon only superhero but later did get picked up by DC Comics.

First up is Space Ghost. I got the idea to make him because I was reading Mythology – The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross. He had done a few few pieces for Warner Bros Studios. I figured hey, why not. I used to watch Space Ghost as a child so why not make him. Fairly easy skin to make and it does look like Space Ghost even though he is missing the cape.

This is Black Adam. He is a villain who is often associated with Captain Marvel, although in later appearances, he becomes more of an anti-hero. I really don’t know to much about his history.  His costume is very similar to that of Captain Marvel except that it’s black, has a slightly larger lightning bolt on his chest and he has no cape. I also gave him a different haircut and a more serious face.

I didn’t really want to make Superman as I figured there would be a ton of Supermans on the ModNation servers so instead I decided to create Bizarro. He is basically Superman, but with a really screwed up face and a slightly darker shade of blue for his costume. He is like the anti-Superman.

Next up is The Atom. He has the power to change the size of his body. That’s pretty much all I know about him. I just decided to make him because he also appeared in Alex Ross’s DC Art book.

Last on the list is Red Robin. He’s actually from an alternate Earth where Dick Grayson dons the mantle of the Red Robin instead of Nightwing. The costume itself is a combination between the Batman costume and Robin costume. Red Robin first appeared in Kingdom Come which was also drawn by Alex Ross.

That’s it for this week. Another five made. I probably could have made more but I’ve been playing Ghostbusters this week on the Xbox 360. Next week, there may or may not be a new set of ModNation Racers Creations because next week, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero comes out for XBLA and that might take up all my gaming time next week. If I do make an update, it will be a fairly small update.

Expect these to be up on the ModNation Racers servers some time this weekend.



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