PR: Memoflip Kids – Let Your Child Improve it’s Memory by Playing Games

Blokwise introduces a new game for children entitled Memoflip. We’re always on the lookout for educational games here so Memeflip caught our attention.

Press Release

Kids’ memory is usually volatile, them forget quickly the homework was given in school; spellings they learn recently and maybe some names. Memory is not just one of many intellectual skills, it directly effects every other intellectual process. Stimulating their brain with activity that motivates them to think, recall and organize will improve their memory.

Children can remember better if the activities have visual and audio content, and much more if there are fun to do. They can retrieve information better if they see and hear. This is also the reason why we see that schools are including these apps in mobile dispositives, they are carriables, safes, interactive,  and they come in the perfect size for a child to play.

Memoflip Kids offers an opportunity to exercise their brains and helps to improve their memory and concentration skills. The cards game is one of the most helpful techniques and is full of fun perfect for the children’s, but the adults also can enjoy it.  A perfect recreation and distractive activity to share whit your child that provides hours of fun and challenge for the brain.

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