TGWK’s Featured Free Kid’s App – Preschool Memory Match (iOS)

Today’s Featured Free Kid’s app comes to us from developer Darren Murtha and it’s called Preschool Memory Match. The app is currently free for a limited time so it’s a good chance to grab it while you can. Preschool Memory Match is a universal app so it will scale depending on if you are using an iPhone or iPad.

Preschool Memory Match is an educational title designed to help children improve their memory skills while being fun at the same time. There are over 220 different matching pairs included within the 5 different categories featured in the game. That means that there is quite a bit of variety each time they play.

You can download Preschool Memory Match now in the App Store here. For more information, click the read more link below.


You will LOVE THIS Universal App!!!  Does your heart melt when your little one learns while having fun? Introducing the classic game of concentration specifically designed to be fun and educational! Learning has never been so mobile™.

Preschool Memory Match features are unique and strive to make you and your child happy! Designed for education and fun without the pressure of timers or high scores.
– Over 220 different pairs to match in 5 categories! (Transportation, Musical Instruments, Animals/Bugs, Food, and Objects)
– Brilliant graphics optimized for three different resolutions: iPhone 4, iPads, and early generation iPhones and iPod Touches!
– Amazing Sound Effects for each matched pair!
– Studio voice recording of a speech therapist who specializes in Early Childhood Development!
– Unique reward system with 64 weird and wacky buttons!
– iOS4 Multitasking enabled for devices running iOS4 who can take a phone call or leave the app which automatically will pause the game!
– This Universal app is where you need it most! On the go for all your devices at one low price!

Several levels of difficulty. Playing is fun for everyone…INCLUDING Grown Ups!
– Easy Mode displays 12 cards (6 pairs) to match.
– Medium Mode displays 20 cards (10 pairs) to match.
– Hard Mode displays 30 cards (15 pairs) to match.
– iPad bonus difficulty level: Super Duper Hard Mode* has 100 cards (50 pairs) to match!

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Note: More languages coming soon but if English is not your preferred language, turn OFF “Show the words” and “Hear the words” and enjoy fun gameplay with all the sound effects!

[via App Store]


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