TGWK’s Free Apps of the Day (01.30.11)

Happy Sunday everyone. I know today is usually a day of relaxation before heading back to work tomorrow so why not take advantage of some of these free games while you’re kicking back on the couch. Enjoy!

Bocce-Ball – With the ‘flick’ interface you loved in the most popular iPhone games, the fun is maximized with an authentic simulation which allows for responsive and accurate results. Easy to play but hard to master, PlayScreen BOCCE-BALL allows you to use multiple strategies to win the game. Go for accuracy or knock your opponent’s balls out of the court, even restart a round by bouncing the little white ball out of the court. The choice is yours.

Stenches: A Zombie Tale of Trenches – Deploy to the Trenches once again to take on a new and more deadly foe, the Zombie Horde. Lead your British Royal Expeditionary army as the last stand in Western Europe during the Great War and prove yourself as a true hero. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Armies of the Hundead or will you fail and join their ranks?

GermCraft! – Basic Bejeweled like action with larger groups of 3 converting into special pieces (explosive,bonus points, or gateways to Extra Chance) and cascades multiplying your move point accordingly.

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