First Impressions of the Apple iPad2

On March 11th, I made it my mission to acquire a new iPad2 from Apple. I took a half day from work so I could stand in line at my local Apple Store for 5 hours in order to be guaranteed a release day purchase. My prize after 5 hours in line? A shiny new 16GB iPad2 in white. I opted for the WiFi model seeing as I already own an iPhone4 and figured that if I really needed to get online for anything while away from a WiFi hotspot, I could just do it on my phone.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPad2 is how thin it is. When compared to my iPhone 4, it is a tiny bit thinner which I find amazing considering that you would think a device of this type would be much thicker than a mobile phone. The second thing you’ll notice right away is how light it is. Weighing in at about 1.33 lbs, the iPad2 is leaps and bounds lighter than any laptop would be. I have a 13″ Macbook and the one thing that keeps me from really carrying it around with my everywhere is the weight. Sure it’s still relatively light at around 4-5 lbs but after lugging one around for a several hours in a backpack for a day, you can really start feeling the weight.

The iPad2 for me is my Macbook replacement when I travel. I noticed that when I travel, I don’t really use the type of programs I would normally use when I’m at home or at the office. In fact, a majority of what I do traveling is email, web, and going through office documents. All of that I can do on the iPad2 and in a much smaller package than my Macbook. I’ve put together a little list of all the positives and negatives so far after using it for 4 days.


  • Thin and light
  • Very bright screen
  • Audio is much louder than on my iPhone 4
  • Fast – Apps pop up almost instantly and app switching is quick as well
  • New white color is gorgeous – hides fingerprints quite well
  • Long lasting battery – I’ve only charged it 3 times since I’ve had it


  • Lack of higher resolution screen (Retina Display) – although not a deal breaker for me
  • Cameras are not as good as iPhone 4 but then again I don’t plan on taking many photos with it
  • No external storage option
  • Glossy screen makes it hard to see when there are lots of lights present (reflections)
  • Lack of case options right now

As you can see, the negatives aren’t really anything major. The glossy screen I plan to fix once a good anti-glare matte screen protector comes out and more cases for the iPad2 will be available near the end of this month. I have so far not had a need to use the cameras on the iPad2 so that’s not really a huge negative for me. Pulling out my iPhone 4 is still much easier than me trying to shoot photos with my iPad2. All-in-all, despite a few negatives, I am very happy with my purchase and find it to be a great companion device to my Macbook and iPhone 4.

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