Review: NXE’s Recline iPhone 4 Case

This review is also featured at G Style Magazine which is a tech blog that focuses on the fashion aspect of tech. Please visit their site for the complete review.

At G Style, we are always on the lookout for new stylish products for our mobile devices. Being tech obsessed here, we are always striving to find the best looking cases for out devices while still offering a great protection. This is why often times you’ll see me with a different iPhone case every other week. I go through phases where one minute I want my iPhone to be sleek and minimalistic and the next, I need it to be protected like Ft. Knox. I actually don’t mind switching it up as I get bored of using the same case for too long.

Today I got a chance to try out the new Recline case from NXE. This is a company I had never heard of before but according to their literature, they’ve been around for a good 30 years with experience in design, development, and manufacturing making private label accessories for other companies.

The Recline case is a protective hard shell that snaps on to the back or your iPhone 4. It is a hard plastic with a matte soft touch coating on the outside. The inside is lined with feels like felt, which is something I have never seen done before with an iPhone case. The idea here is that it acts like a cushion for the iPhone in case of any drops. The main draw of the Recline however is that it has a built in kickstand feature on the back of the case. This allows you to stand your iPhone up horizontally for watching movies for instance or in portrait mode for video calling.

Read the rest of the article at G Style Magazine.

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