TGWK’s Free Apps of the Day (05.12.11) – Playface Pro, Loonimals, and Spirits

Playface Pro – With Playface Pro, share your best silly faces with your friends! Snap amazing photos and record incredible videos using dozens of hilarious and surprising effects. Playface Pro works like a distorting mirror: choose your effects, smile and enjoy. Create! Playface Pro allows you to combine two effects! One distortion effect + one color effect = over 300 possibilities! It will take you hours to try them all! And if you like surprises, shake to shuffle them.

Loonimals – Little critters with the ambition to reach to the stars! They don’t have a rocket, and can only reach their goal with your help! Stacking them one Loonimal on top of another. But Beware! Evil bats and flyby asteroids just want to bring them down.

Spirits – Spirits is an award-winning puzzle game about wind, indirect control and creativity. Guide the spirits towards their destination by using them to manipulate wind, dig tunnels and build bridges of leaves. Find your own creative solution for each of the 40 beautifully hand-drawn levels. Spirits lets you play at your own pace. Pause the game at any time to get an overview over a level. Try to save as many spirits as possible and pick up the hard-to-get plants to reach a higher world rank. Sound and music are done completely with orchestral musical instruments giving the game a unique poetic feel.

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