Free Admission to Visit Any Participating Museum on Museum Day, Sept. 24th – Sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine

I”m a big supporter of the arts and I think every child should be exposed to it. That’s why I love Museum Day. Sponsored by the Smithsonian Magazine, Museum Day allows you to enter any participating museum for free. I’ve done this with my family a couple of time already and I will say that my kids absolutely loved it. You’d be amazed at how much they really learn and soak up that it’s well worth the trip, even if the closest museum is several hours away from you.

You will need to fill out a form in order to claim your free tickets here, and while you’re at it, you can check out all the participating venues here.

In the spirit of Smithsonian Museums, who offer free admission everyday, Museum Day is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian magazine in which participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket…for free.

  • Only an official Museum Day ticket is eligible for free entry. Official tickets can be found here on the Museum Day website soon, stay tuned.
  • One ticket per household, for two people.
  • A ticket will gain entry to only one of the participating museums, excluding parking and special events and exhibits.
  • If museum reaches capacity, museum has right to limit the number of guests until space becomes available.

[via Smithsonian Magazine]


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