TGWK’s Friday Giveaway – Create A Monster HD by JustFun

Today’s giveaway is one of the more fun apps I’ve come across in a while. It’s an app I still use and my son still enjoys because of the endless possible creations you can make with it. The app is Create A Monster HD and it’s one that you and your children will enjoy. As part of their special labor day sale in which you can buy Create A Monster HD at a discounted price of $1.99, we are giving away 5 promo codes for the app here that you can grab for free.

Create A Monster HD is endless fun for all ages. Let’s get started! Open a blank canvas and go wherever your monster making creativity leads you. In one blink of a monster’s eye you will become addicted to all the possibilities – silly monsters, colorful monsters, imaginative monsters, classic monsters, unforgettable monsters and best of all, YOUR monsters. It’s easy to use and intuitive. Once your newly constructed monster is complete, review your works in the Monster Art Gallery. Delight your friends, family and the world of other monster makers with your original creatures – share your masterpieces on Facebook, Twitter or print and frame your work of art!

Like the previous giveaways, this will be a first come first serve deal so good luck! However, I do ask that you only redeem these codes if you have children as they are the ones who will benefit from this app the most. These are iPad codes only so only those with iPads can redeem.

If you do happen to snag up a code, make sure to leave a review and some feedback for the developers on the apps page in the App Store.

Create A Moster HD Codes:




I will also post 1 code over at our Facebook Fan Page here –, and will be posting one code over at my Twitter page here –

Good luck!


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