What Gamer’s Played Most in 2013?

Looking back, we have seen 2013 as an exciting year for big launches and releases. We have seen new games for PlayStation, Nintendo and Video games complete with media hype. However, 2013 is also a year wherein expectations went down the drain, as not all releases were able to deliver what has been promised. But, while some were not that good, there are those that were able to attract attention and landed on top of the list as gamers’ choice.

While gambling continues to be in favorable stage, not all were able to post good revenues and attract substantial numbers of loyal players. Big Fish Casino is one of the few that were able to hit record-breaking support from players. Since it was launched in 2002, it was only in 2013 that it has gained tremendous support from players. The credit goes to its iOS mobile casino as App Annie, a market researcher reported that Big Fish Casino has taken the top 1 position in Apple iOS platform and was cited as the top-grossing app in the casino game genre. It was also reported that Big Fish Casino’s games such as Blackjack and Poker and even paypal casino sites like this one paypal-casinos.co have tripled their revenues and they are expected to continue to perform well in 2014. With the good thing happening to its casino games, Big Fish had launched two months ago its Bingo game platform in iOS platform and all hopes are high that its mobile bingo apps will give tough competition to traditional online bingo which is also doing a good job in posting higher revenues in 2013. Online bingo is closely behind casino games as increasing interest on it has created solid player base in several bingo sites.

2013 was also the year when Nintendo proved that not all is dead in this genre and it came out with new releases in earlier part of 2013. For Nintendo players, Kid Icarus is still unbeatable with dark Souls series coming in second as the most played NES game. Interest in Nintendo also came back in 2013 when it launched Casino games as well as bingo Hall in 3D, sending new bingo sites 2014 to seriously think of having 3D in their mobile bingo. XBox also proved to be the one to beat in console gaming with strong support from gamers. Top ten games that gamers played on their XBox includes Batman Arkham City, Walking Dead, Mirror’s Edge, The orange Box, The Elder Scroll, Rock Band, Portal 2 Video, The Grand theft, Halo 4 and Mass Effect Theft Auto.

Other video games that that have successfully gathered much interest includes DmC that was released in earlier part of 2013 and of course the ever-popular Plant vs. Zombies 1 and 2. Blood Dragon being available in PS3, XBox and Windows was a hit in 2013 especially to gamers who had enjoyed its cheesy effects of 80’s actions. Updates were released (Blood Dragon 2 and Far Cry Blood Dragon 3) immediately as proof that gamers are playing and enjoying the Blood Dragon.

For those who love sports but also love not to sweat it out prefers sports video games for passing off time. In 2013, there’s one that really made it big and easily became gamers’ choice in 2013. It’s Ridiculous Fishing, the video game that allows players to fish and practice their shooting skills as they pop the catch up in the air. NBA 2K14 , FIFA 14 and MLB 1 3 The Show  come closed as the most played sports video while Top racing games is Gran Turismo 6 with 1,200 cars and Forza Motorsports of Xbox is a good match with its good and stunning visuals.

With all the bad things that had happened in 2013, gamers were able to strip off stress by playing games that had mostly appealed to them and eventually propelled these games as most played games of 2013.

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