Surgeon Simulator Developer, Bossa Studio’s New iPad Game, Twelve a Dozen [Video]


We are definitely fans of Bossa Studio’s Surgeon Simulator games which in turn probably means I’m a fan of the developer. With that said, I was quite intrigued to learn that they are working on a new game called Twelve a Dozen that will be coming out on the iPad. It looks to be a platformer style game but with a heavy emphasis on using math skills to solve puzzles. I don’t know how exciting a math game can be, but Twelve a Dozen looks like it just might pull it off and make this number game fun and interesting.

Join Twelve on her adventures to save the world of Dozenpolis in this delightful puzzle-platformer from Bossa Studios, in partnership with Amplify!

Twelve a Dozen takes you on an adventure in your quest to save your family (and your city!) from the Ultimate Prime Number. Can you save everyone and put the universe back together?

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