Bloober Team’s BRAWL, Launches Exclusively on PS4


Some of you may of heard about the drama surrounding Bloober Team‘s original game, Basement Crawl. For those who haven’t, let’s just say that the game was less than perfect and ended up having to be pulled soon after it was released. The devs were quite embarrassed over the situation and vowed to make things right.

After completely rebuilding the game from the ground up, the game is now being re-released as BRAWL, a 4-player party game similar to the classic Bomberman.

“We wanted to make BRAWL the ultimate party game for the PS4. There aren’t many party games on the PS4 right now, and we hope to give gamers a reason to invite a bunch of friends over and game together again. We know we screwed up big time with Basement Crawl, and this is our chance to make things right. Anyone who bought Basement Crawl will receive BRAWL free of charge!” – Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team.

* Bomberman meets MOBA!
* Eight single player campaigns narrated by The Walking Dead’s Erik Braa
* Eight unique characters, each with different abilities
* More than 12 maps with unique level design and environmental hazards
* About 10 game modes (local multiplayer, online, single player, co-op)
* Unique art style and grisly visual effects

BRAWL is now on sale on PSN for $19.99. Anyone who purchased the original Basement Crawl will be able to download BRAWL free of charge from the PlayStation Store.

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