Bouncy Basketball Review [Android]

bouncybasketball_iconI don’t play much realistic sports games on mobile because lets be honest, they are just impossible to control with a touch screen. The only sports games I’ve played and enjoyed have been ones that only take certain aspects of those sports have creatively found unique ways to incorporate use of touch controls. Take Bouncy Basketball for instance. It simplifies the game of basketball by reducing it to a 2vs2 experience with nothing but tapping as a means of controlling your players.

Bouncy Basketball is a simplistic game that only requires that you tap on the screen. Your players can only jump up and down and clumsily move forward and backwards in the process depending on where the ball is and shooting is done via a tap and hold method. It’s actually quite funny to see how this game actually plays as it’s neither accurate or good, but for some reason it sucks you in with its simplicity. The rules for the game have also been simplified. Make 2 or 3 pointers depending on where you are and you can steal the ball either from your opponents’ hands or while the ball is in the air. No need to worry about things like goal tending or fouls.

You can choose different teams, though that amounts to nothing more than a uniform color change, so it really doesn’t matter who you pick. Graphically, the game doesn’t look that bad even if it features that pixel art style that most people either love or hate.

Overall, Bouncy Basketball is one of those games you pick up because you can’t be bothered with playing something complex. It’s a really simple game to just play and though it might seem really stupid at first, there’s actually a bit of skill involved to play it, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Google Play Link: Bouncy Basketball
Version Tested: 2.1
Developer: Dreamon Studios
Price: Free


Bouncy Basketball is a one-button basketball game with as many as 30 playable teams of varying skill levels. Play against a friend on the same device or against a computer opponent.

Time the release and angle of your shot in order to make the basket… Or do it wrong and watch the basketball sail out of bounds.

In Bouncy Basketball, no one game is like the other!

[via Google Play]

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