Four Great Apps For Game Show Lovers


For a couple years now, there’s been a growing appreciation for app games that can challenge us mentally. More quiz games now exist than anyone could possibly keep track of. Additionally, inventive puzzle experiences like The Guides and The Room series have introduced a new brand of brain teaser.

But for anyone who likes games for their ability to trick us, challenge us, and make us think, there’s also a surprising number of enjoyable apps based on popular game shows. In most such games (as with the shows upon which they’re based), there’s a strong element of chance at play. But strategy and general knowledge can also be crucial to coming out on top, which can make these games worthwhile challenges.

Here are four that any game show fan would enjoy taking a look at.

1. Jeopardy!

Would it be right to start a discussion about great game shows without talking about Jeopardy? The app gaming version of the popular game show has been out for several years now, and it’s generally seen as a solid digital adaptation. In order to function, the app does make one small change, offering players multiple choice options to answer questions rather than allowing people to write in any answer they like. Beyond that, it’s true to the game show and even includes fun features like the ability to scribble in your name and customize your avatar. Players can compete in single-player mode, pass-and-play multiplayer, or against others over WiFi. The app has a three-star review at App Safari.

2. Deal Or No Deal

Those familiar with this show will know to expect an app that’s more about statistical probability than trivia. A lot of chance is involved, but it’s still a lot of fun to test yourself and see if you’re capable of making the right decision: do you take the banker’s offer based on the cases and dollar amounts you’ve eliminated from the prize pool? Or do you open more cases to try to make that offer better? A little bit of the fun disappears when real money isn’t on the line, as it is on the show. However, for players who prefer some risk, Betfair’s casino site actually hosts an online gambling version of Deal Or No Deal as well. It’s not as true to the format of the show as the iOS app, but the game still employs concepts from the game show format with actual money on the line, so it, too, is worth a look for fans.

3. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire & Friends

Arguably the most beloved game show not called Jeopardy!, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was an international sensation for many years. It was a hit show in the U.S. and even the foundation for the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. So of course there’s an app for it! The basic format of Millionaire is actually very conducive to app gaming, as it’s basically a multiple-choice trivia game in which difficulty increases with each new question. But sure enough, the app has actually been enhanced beyond the basic game format to include multiplayer competitions online (hence the “& Friends”).

4. Wheel Of Fortune

Maybe more than any other game on this list, the Wheel Of Fortune app is true to its source show. It doesn’t bother too much with online elements or creative enhancements, but rather it presents the simple word puzzle format that game show viewers have adored for decades. As Slide To Play put it in a review of the app upon its release, it “has charm and the Wheel Of Fortune spirit,” and in some cases that’s all an app needs to deliver what players want.


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