Top PlayStation 4 Games This Holiday Season


The holidays are upon us again and right now is a great time to pick up some games you might have missed this year due to various factors. For me, it’s usually lack of funds until they go on sale. Below are the list of games I’ve played or are waiting to play because they are just so darn good. Many of them seem to be on sale right now and will probably see further reduction in price before the year ends. Again, this is a great chance to add to your library many of the top games this year at much lower prices than they were at launch.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I never played any of the previous Witcher games but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s one of the most beautiful games on the PS4 right now with a story rich in folklore and adventure with a world that is huge with lots to explore and discover. Combat in the game is very immersive and intuitive with hundreds of hours of gameplay available. You can check out my review here to learn more about the game. This is one of the few games that really sucked me in this year with its deep and engaging storyline, the beautiful art, and the massive scale of everything.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

What is possibly Hideo Kojima’s final game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a masterpiece. This is one of the few games I actually finished this year and despite the issues players might have had about the underwhelming story, it is one of the best selling games this year.

I however thought the game was fantastic, being one of the most fun Metal Gear games to date. There is a lot to do in this game and will take much effort to 100% complete it. While I did finish the story, I’m sitting at around 77% complete but I’ll make my way to 100% later this year. Not only that, players can enjoy a PvP mode if you download the Metal Gear Online component which adds another layer to the game.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the games this year that I haven’t had a chance to play yet. It got great reviews from sites like IGN and GamesRadar so it’s been on my list of games to pick up this year. The reason for me not picking it up was lack of funds at the time and since it is a single player game, I wasn’t in much of a rush to get it at launch. It’s been out now for several months so we’re already starting to see some price drops. I have no doubt that we’ll see some better deals though the closer we get to Black Friday.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the third and final installment to the “Arkham” series by developer Rocksteady. What makes this one different from the previous games? The Batmobile.

Grand Theft Auto V

One of the older games on the list that appeared in early 2015 on the PS4, Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong thanks to the efforts of its developer, Rockstar Games. I don’t really know of any other game out there where the developer has pushed so many free updates and add-ons as in GTAV. It almost seems like every couple of months, there’s something new to do in the game. When you complete or grow tired of the single player component, you’ll find that GTAV Online is a vastly different experience with a world filled with crazy things to do that you and your buddies can play together.

Dying Light

I love zombie games. One of the best zombie games this year is Dying Light. Although the game is a bit underrated and isn’t talked about as much as some of the higher profile games, Dying Light is loads of fun and a must have for zombie fans. Dying Light brought with it an open world environment filled with terrifying infected creatures and humans and one of your main “tools” for survival is to run! You’re incredibly agile in this game and can out run most danger while also being able to jump and climb your way to safety. Think of it as an open world free-running game that is populated by dangers all around.


All the games I have listed so far are also available on the Xbox One. However, one game that isn’t and is exclusive to the PS4 is that of Bloodborne by From Software. It has won numerous praises and awards from the community and is one game that many state can not be missed. I only just recently started playing it and can already tell you that it is amazing, but it’s not for everyone. That’s because Bloodborne is one of the most difficult and challenging games I’ve ever played. Bloodborne has only one difficulty setting and if you hate dying, you’ll hate this game. You’ll die hundreds if not thousands of times before reaching the end, but with each death comes experience and the knowledge to move on. This game is all about learning from failure. If you like punishing gameplay, Bloodborne is the game for you. It’s a beautiful game that will challenge the most experienced of players.


There are actually a lot more games I would mention, but these are the ones that were at the top of my list this year. Games like Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed, and Fallout 4 come to mind, but those games are quite available just yet.

Honorable mentions here would be games like Disney Infinity 3, Skylanders Superchargers, and LEGO Dimensions. Those games are geared towards kids, but be aware that they require quite a bit of money to play. I’d wait until the base starter kits go on sale, which they usually do several months after release and then look for deals on the add-on figures and kits. Again, if you’re not looking to spend a ton of money, avoid these for now.



2 thoughts on “Top PlayStation 4 Games This Holiday Season

  1. Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max I have heard are fairly good, in many cases would replace Bloodborne due to the high difficulty level of that game. You should make a list of none AAA titles that would be good for PS4 to!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll probably get a list up of some indie titles that are only on the PSN Store. Also yes, Bloodborne is crazy difficult. I’m actually playing it now and while I do get murdered a lot, I’m enjoying the challenge.

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