Earth Defense Force 4.1 Defends Earth from Giant Alien Bugs – Out Now on PS4


I’ve been secretly defending our planet from an alien invasion for the past week as a member of the Earth Defense Force. As an elite soldier for the EDF, my mission has been to wipe the Earth of giant alien bugs and to keep their mother ships from entering our atmosphere. Things didn’t go as planned. Now I need your help to keep these bugs at bay by picking up XSEED’s new game, Earth Defense Force 4.1 on the PS4 and joining my squad online at the front lines.

In all seriousness though, Earth Defense Force 4.1 is a heck of a good time. I’ve been playing a final, pre-release version a week before the release and it’s been incredibly fun in split-screen with my son. In case you didn’t read that last part, YES, THIS GAME HAS LOCAL CO-OP SPLIT-SCREEN!!!  There’s even an online mode where your friends can join in. The graphics are good with tons and tons of enemies and friendlies on screen at once for massive chaos and much of the environment is also destructible.

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair for PS4 is an expanded, polished remake of Earth Defense Force 2025. Taking several steps beyond its B-movie roots, 4.1 has more of a Pacific Rim/Starship Troopers vibe, with full platoons of human soldiers throwing everything they have (and then some) at all kinds of aliens, starships, and robots, all presented with top-notch production values and tons and tons and megatons of explosions.

You can pick up Earth Defense Force 4.1 on the PlayStation Store once it updates. If you’re looking for something a bit more portable, Earth Defense Force 2 will also be released today for PS Vita. Look for my full review of both games soon.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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