Key Developments Within the Gaming Industry in the Last Three Decades


During the past thirty years, gaming has seen major changes as the industry has grown in leaps and bounds. The appeal of gaming isn’t specific to a certain age group of gender which in part has helped to spur its success. Let’s take a look at some of the more monumental developments in gaming.

Console Gaming

Once the concept of gaming at home took off, this lead to some fierce competition between developers. As a result some intense rivalries were born such as the one between PlayStation and Nintendo 64. The hardware used in the construction of the Nintendo 64 was far superior to that of the PlayStation, though the CD-backed hardware of the PlayStation made it much more attractive for 3rd party developers. In the end, Nintendo 64 creamed PlayStation with more quality titles even though PlayStation had more quantity. PlayStation however would remain more popular with mature gamers.


Motion Control Gaming

In an effort to permit gamers to be more activity involved, motion control gaming was developed. This interaction can be accomplished through spoken commands, gestures and natural actions. The first motion gaming system was the Nintendo Wii, which was released a decade ago. Other systems have also been developed such as Kinect for Xbox and the Move add-on for Sony’s PlayStation.


Gaming on the Go

When the internet was developed, it made it possible to play games online whether it be casual puzzle games, shooter games, or online casinos. Then when mobile phones evolved into smartphones, these online casinos such as also made their games available for play on smartphones. Users not only could play realistic casino games with excellent graphics but they could place wagers on the games as well. Secure encrypted mobile technology made it safe to bet money. This was a significant shift in gaming making the phone now one of the top gaming device.

As time goes on, even newer advancements in gaming technology are sure to follow. The future of gaming seems to provide even more lifelike and realistic experiences for gamers.


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