Avoiding the Heartbreak of Lost Game Data


Everybody knows the importance of saving their work often. However, only the most tech savvy truly understand the importance of automatically backing up their data. This is especially important for gamers. Most gamers have dozens of hours of saved gameplay for just one game, and no one really just plays one game at a time. So you can see why keeping the hundreds of hours of gameplay safe and secure should be of the utmost importance for anyone who calls themselves a gamer.

For each gaming platform, there are different ways to back up your game data. PC, console, and mobile games are all vastly varied, so it makes sense that the methods for saving and automatically backing up data are different, too.


The most common way to backup game data from a console is with an external hard drive, but those can be expensive, bulky, and hard to keep secure. A solution to those problems is SecureUSB, a flash drive with military-grade encryption that automatically syncs your data to an encrypted cloud software and has anti-virus software preloaded. SecureUSB can be used to copy data from any device that has USB ports, including a PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii.


With powerful gaming computers becoming more popular and gaming accessories becoming more universal regarding the devices they can be used with, it’s no wonder PC gaming is gaining momentum. Steam is one of the most popular PC gaming platforms today with over 125 million active users and over 4,500 games available. It has a useful backup feature available in order to save copies of game files and restore those files to other devices. This process backs up the game data to your computer, which you can then save to an external device. This must be done individually for each game and the process can vary depending on the game developer. Steam also stores some data in the cloud so that you can access your library from any device that you are signed into your account on.


Mobile games are exploding onto the scene because they are free or inexpensive apps that are available on a device that almost everyone already has. Most of the time, they offer additional purchases, but do not require them for full gameplay. Usually, these games are available on Android and iOS, making them even more universal. The most popular mobile game of 2016 is obviously Pokémon Go, which became insanely popular this summer. The unexpected level of popularity has caused some technical issues, though. Most Pokémon Go players will remember the server issues that occurred shortly after release, but these seem to have been mostly resolved.

However, there have also been reports of users losing all data and progress after updating the game. While having an account is one layer of security when it comes to game data, there is an easy way to backup your data and keep your Pokémon safe and sound. For all smartphone users, the easiest way to save your data is to transfer it to your computer. This works for both Android and iPhones. For Android users, apps like Helium exist to backup and sync your data automatically to cloud software, as an added layer of protection.

Hopefully, some of these tips and products can save you countless hours of gameplay. Investing your time and resources in a process to automatically sync your game data is well worth the effort, as it could save you from the heartbreak of losing your data in a technical issue or accident. Whether your platform of choice is console, PC, or mobile games, there are always good ways to back up your data to keep video games fun and stress-free, like they should be.


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