Xbox One vs PS4 Review


Gaming systems are always evolving to keep up with player demands and new technology demands. And, with 2 of the better known brands out there, this is also the case. If you are considering a new device, consider this Xbox One vs PS4 review prior to deciding on a system, so you can find what works best for your play needs.

Gaming library

If you want online gaming and continual releases, Xbox may be a winner. With the online streaming option, and a continual library of new and old games showing up, you have literally thousands of titles to choose from. PS4 doesn’t fall far behind however. It also offers an online arsenal of games, new releases are done regularly, and their graphics are a bit superior in fast-paced gaming. Both are quite even in terms of number of games and releases, but Xbox does have an edge in the online library side of things.


Looking at things side by side, PS4 is the clear winner here. It is slimmer, has nicer detail and line designs, it is lighter, and looks far more streamline than the Xbox’s bulky design. Although the Xbox One S (new release) is slimmer and more compact in design, the PS4 still looks far superior. More rich feature controllers also make the PS4 superior on this front. It is also the only system which currently supports virtual reality play, which is a cool feature for the true gaming geeks out there.


PS4 features a swappable SSD drive, while the Xbox has an internal USB 3.0 slot. Both support expandable storage. PS4 offers 1080 p while Xbox only offers up to 900 p resolution for clarity. Project Scorpio is an Xbox release, which is built to handle 4k and virtual reality play. PS4 has countered with the long rumored Neo system, which is going to offer similar features. All in all, the systems are quite equal in terms of capabilities and performance, but PS4 does have a slight edge in crisp and clean resolution, with the 1080 p whereas the Xbox only offers 900 p resolution.

It might boil down to game choice for some; if this is the case, Xbox One is it. If however you are comparing both side by side on all fronts, PS4 does have a slight edge in overall design, flexibility, and even the price point, when you are selecting the system which is superior for you as a gamer. Consoles can be very expansive to purchase straight away. This is why more and more retailers are starting to offer finance on Ps4 and Xbox One consoles. If you are interested in looking at a few of the offers then there are many different catalogues comparison sites which can help you find the best deal.

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