Upcoming PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 4.50 Finally Allows for External HDD Support


When I bought my PS4 at launch, it came with only 500gb of storage space. At first, this seemed like a lot but after a few months buying games and receiving games from publishers, I soon ran out of space. My only options were to delete some games to make room or install a new HDD. I chose the later and installed a 2TB drive.

Now 2tb has lasted me quite a while but again, I’m starting to run into storage issues especially now that games are starting to take up a lot more storage space and along with all their respective DLC content. Not only that, all the freebie games from PlayStation Plus that I haven’t gotten around to playing yet. Since 2tb is currently the largest harddrive you can install in a PS4, that meant I had to go back and start deleting older games again.

With the upcoming PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 however, you’ll soon be able to upgrade your storage space via external HDD option and up to 8tb in size! I’ll be able to finally keep all of my games installed and guarantee that I’ll never run out of space again. This also goes for my son’s PS4 where now I won’t need to open it up and upgrade the internal storage and I can just plug an external HDD to it instead.

That’s pretty much all I care about in the PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 even though there are some other noticeable additions and improvements. For instance, you can now apply custom wallpapers and post manually on the PlayStation activity feed. There are also tweaks to the Quick Menu and the Notifications Menu. If you own a PS VR, you’ll also soon be able to view 3D movies in stereoscopic 3D.

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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