Have Kids with Tiny Hands? New Mini Wired Gamepad for PS4 Might be Perfect for Them

I have a daughter who is just getting into console gaming, and you know what? The PS4 controller is too large for her. She can not comfortably grip and can not reach all the buttons and sticks with her tiny hands. It frustrates her immensely because she really wants to play.

Well today, Sony announced something that just might be for her – The Mini Wired Gamepad made by Hori. It’s made for younger players in mind. This controller is 40% smaller than the DualShock 4 and has a simple form factor with a flat design that makes it easy to fit into smaller hands.

The Mini Wired Gamepad does most of what the regular DualShock 4 does except it doesn’t have the touch pad, light bar, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration, or motion sensing.

I just might have to pick this up for my daughter if it makes the gaming experience better for her.

It’s also cheap at $29.99.


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