Gameception In Popular PC Games

When it comes to a successful game, the author has to make sure that the game can entertain its players over long time. To do so, big game companies like Rockstar Games or Ubisoft started making small games within a game.

The Small Casino Games Within Famous PC Games

Every gamer can remember GTA San Andreas. I’m sure that you ended up at least once in a pool game, a quick spin with slot machines or a Blackjack card game, while running around as Carl Johnson. Another example is Red Dead Redemption. Even though is a giant open world type of game, just like San Andreas, you can participate in games of poker throughout the game-story. Just like any casino game, you can earn or lose sums of cash.  

Far Cry 3 is another good example. The creators of this game knew that you might get tired of constantly fighting the rebels, so they made a small poker game that can be found in some villages. It’s a good idea that you can relax a little playing a small card game between the fights.

The list with examples can go on and on, with games like Gwent from Witcher, or even the Unlocking Containers in CS:GO.

Real Gamble Games

The games mentioned before are maybe 90% action and just 10% casino games. If you are interested to spend more time in the gamble world, you can find some cool free casino games.

Playing a real virtual casino game does not mean that you have to spend real money. It is possible to play for free and you’ll chose later if you want to bet with real money or not. If you are new to these type of games, maybe it’s best to start with something simple, like a slot machine. There are many different virtual reel games, but you can start off with Sizzling Hot, this is a classic among slot machines.

Sizzling Hot is a simple video slot game with 5 reels and 5 pay lines. Just like those slot machines you find in GTA San Andreas. Being one one of the most simplistic casino games, it does not require to know a lot about the rules. You can start spinning around the reels and you’ll get the idea pretty quick. Some of the simple rules are that it is not possible to change the pay lines, but you can change the bet per line.

For those that are familiar with virtual reels, Sizzling Hot will remind you of old slot machines, mainly because of the simple fruit symbols.

In Brief

As has been mentioned, there is a strong relationship between popular big PC games and small gamble games. From complex Real-Time Strategy games to simple virtual reel like Sizzling Hot, they are all video-games.

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