Dell XPS 13 – Will Not Power Up | Long Term Review [UPDATE]

Last year I bought a Dell XPS 13. This is a laptop that has had some tremendous reviews from most outlets and even I myself have been impressed with it. However, it isn’t until some time has passed that you start running into a few issues here and there. It’s been almost a year since I purchased it and I’ve run into my first major issue that’s going to require me to take it back to the Microsoft Store. I’m doing this instead or fixing it myself because I had purchased the AMT Performance Guard 2 Year Warranty for just this reason.

Basically, my issue now is that my Dell XPS 13 will not turn on. It is fully charged as the LED battery lights are fully lit. When you press the power button, it lights for a few seconds, then it turns off. The screen remains perfectly dark and no Dell logo appears on bootup. I’ve read that other have had this issue with no real way to fix it other than to maybe pull the battery.

That’s an issue for me as I don’t have the screw driver needed to open it and I really don’t want to open it if it’s still under warranty.With that said, let hope the Microsoft Store can get this resolved.

UPDATE: So after taking it to the Microsoft Store, they could not fix the issue without having to send it into Dell which would require that I be without a laptop for 4-5 weeks. As part of the AMT Performance Guard Warranty though, they gave me the option of replacing the Dell XPS 13 with another laptop for the same price I got the Dell for or if it was more, pay the difference. I chose the latter. Instead of choosing another Dell, this time I went with the HP Spectre X360 that has pretty much almost the same specs, except with an Intel i7 8th gen instead of the i5 7th gen. It’s not quite as small as the Dell was, but it’s still pretty thin and light and can convert into a tablet and comes with a stylus. This means there will be a new long term review now for the HP. Stay tuned.


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