TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter Kit Review

TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter Kit

In this day and age, pretty much everything can be networked wirelessly. Most computers can make use of Wi-Fi connections, as can you laptop, tablets, and smartphones. There are even wireless cameras and other security related devices that can be set up to your wireless network. Of course there are some instances where you need an actual hard line connection and it’s not always convenient to run a cable from your router to whatever device needs a cable. That’s where powerline adapters come into play. These devices allow you to easily bridge the gap between your router and your device via your building’s power lines.

Just plug one adapter into a power outlet near your router and connect the included LAN cable to it and the router. The second adapter gets plugged into another power outlet near your device and then using a LAN cable to plug into the device. It’s that simple. No need to run cables through your walls or ceilings.

TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter Kit

With that said, TRENDnet has a really interesting powerline adapter called the TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter Kit. While it functions just like a normal powerline adapter, it features a 30W PoE+ (power over Ethernet) output port. This allows you to plug in PoE devices like IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP handsets without the need for an extra power cable. To put it simply, just plug in the Powerline 200AV PoE+ Adapter into an outlet, then something like and PoE IP camera into that, and that’s it. It’s just one cable for power and network connectivity.

Of course you need a PoE device to make use of this otherwise you will need that power cable.

In terms of connection speeds, the TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adaptors are supposed to be good for up to 200Mbps speeds. Speeds however will vary depending on your equipment and what the wiring in your building is like. In my experience though, the speeds with this thing are pretty stable and should work well for most people.

TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter Kit

Now, the one thing that I think is a bit of a negative is the sheer size of these TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adaptors. They are huge. These are the largest powerline adaptors I’ve ever used being about 2-3 times larger than most. That might be due to the extra components needed to power PoE devices. So as a recommendation, I’d try to use this somewhere where you have the space for it and where it’s out of the way and can’t be seen.

Other than that, the TRENDnet Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adaptors is a solid choice if you’re looking for a powerline adapter that delivers reliable, stable speeds and can power PoE devices. They’re super easy to setup and are pretty much just plug-and-play. In my opinion, a super easy way of getting non-wireless devices connected to your network without the hassle of running cables through your walls and ceiling.

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