Tank-Top Master and Metal Bat Joining the Roster of ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS | Trailer

ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS is shaping up to be a who’s who of the One Punch Man universe with the introduction of two more heroes to its growing roster. Metal Bat and Tank-Top Master will be joining the fray as two S-Class heroes ready to do battle against evil doers.

Metal Bat is a high school student who is Rank 15 within the S-Class heroes. Metal Bat’s main weapon is a metal bat that he uses in a typical delinquent style way to powerfully bash through opponents! Tank-top Master is a strong, muscular man who believes in the power of tank tops! He is currently Rank 16 among the S-Class heroes and leads the Tank Topper Army. Two members of the Tank Topper Army will fight alongside Tank-top Master, B-Class hero Tank-top Blackhole and C-class hero Tank-top Tiger!


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