Ninjala Surpasses 2 Million Downloads Worldwide


GungHo Online Entertainment’s latest free to play Nintendo Switch exclusive, Ninjala, has surpassed 2 million downloads worldwide in less than a week. As a bonus to all players for achieving this feat, all players who download the game until August 26 will receive a special gift of 300 Jala.

About Ninjala

Ranked Matches are how players will be able to prove themselves as true IPPON masters! Upon reaching level 5 through Quick Battle or Room Battle games, players will unlock the Ninjala Battle Mode, allowing them to participate in Ranked Matches in both Team Battle mode or Battle Royale mode. In these matches, players with similar ranks are pitted against each other as they battle their way to the top of the leaderboards. Ranks will increase or decrease after each match depending on performance. Players will receive rewards based on their ranks, and those who finish near the top and earn the rank of ‘Ninja Legend’ or ‘Ninja God,’ will receive special icons at the season’s end.

Players can access Ninjala from the Nintendo eShop with an internet connection and a Nintendo account. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is not required to play Ninjala.

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