UtechSmart Triple Display USB-C Hub Review

UtechSmart Triple Display USB-C Hub

Laptops these days come with very few ports. You’re lucky if they include more than two USB-C ports and rarely do they come with anything else. For instance, my Macbook Air I use for work only has 2 USB-C ports while my personal PC laptop only has one USB-A port and two USB-C ports, along with an SD card reader. While that might seem a lot, it’s not and you quickly run out of ports. That’s where something like the UtechSmart Triple Display USB-C Hub comes in handy, which offers eleven additional ports by connecting to one of the USB-C ports on your laptop.

The UtechSmart Triple Display USB-C Hub is an 11-in-1 hub for laptops that need more ports. But as you can tell by the title, this isn’t an ordinary hub due to the fact that it can output to triple external displays. If your laptop supports it, that means you’ll be more productive and able to work on multiple desktops at once. Of course, this doesn’t work on M1 Macbooks for anything more than one external display at a time in extended mode. You can plug in two external monitors, but both end up being mirrored in extended mode.

Aside from that, I really appreciate the addition of the four USB-A ports, the Ethernet port, and the SD Card reader. These are the ports that are completely missing on my Macbook Air and it allows me to connect to peripherals I wouldn’t be able to do to my lack of ports. It’s also fairly compact when in comparison to a docking station so you can take this on the go with you. It comes with its own travel pouch and the all-aluminum construction means it should be rugged enough to last.

UtechSmart Triple Display USB-C Hub

While the UtechSmart Triple Display USB-C Hub may just seem like every other hub, I think it really distinguishes itself with the addition of two HDMI ports and one VGA port. Not many hubs have this kind of setup and it’s what makes this stand out. However, it’s not all great a there is a limitation to the output. While it an output a 4k video, it caps the refresh rate to just 30Hz. That’s disappointing a 30Hz looks terrible these days, especially when we’re all used to much higher refresh rates now.

Everything else about the hub is near perfect though. The Ethernet is fast, I love all the additional USB ports and the additional SD card slots. I just wish the HDMI ports did better than 4K 30Hz. I will however say that this might not matter to you though depending on what you’ll be using the extended displays for, so you’ll need to make that decision for yourself. But I will say the UtechSmart Triple Display USB-C Hub is great for all the extra ports it provides.


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