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TGWK’s Quick Rental Review – Darksiders (Xbox 360)

Warning: Rated M for mature. Violence obviously and mature themes. Darksiders is one of those games that kind of got lost in the holiday retail season of ’09 and it’s a shame that that happened. Darksiders was created by ex-comic book artist and creator Joe Madureira and his development studio, Vigil Games. Darsiders tells the … Continue reading

No Achievements in Fable 2 Episode 1?

As you know, Microsoft re-released Fable II as a 5 episode downloadable series on Xbox Live. Episode 1 was given out for free. It really is more of an extended “trial” of a finished game, unlike most trials that are based on pre-release material. I never bought the full version of the game so I … Continue reading

Review : Far Cry 2 Part 1

So I picked up Far Cry 2 last Wednesday and have had a solid 2 nights of play. (Mostly online play for now). How is it so far? It is pretty darn good. There are a few little things that bother me about the game but they are very little things. Graphics The graphics in … Continue reading

Review : Half Life 2 Ep. 2

Here’s the last of my Half Life 2 reviews until Half Life 2 Ep.3 comes out sometime in the distant future. Half Life 2 is actually a really massive game in scope. If Valve had made Half Life 2 and Ep.1 and Ep.2 all into one game, I think it would have taken Valve quiet … Continue reading

Review : Half Life 2 Ep. 1

Half Life 2 Ep. 1 picks up right where Half Life 2 ends. [Spoiler alert] We finally see what happens after the explosion at the Citadel. I had to play this game right after I played Half Life 2 as when I first played it on the original XBOX, it was a major cliff hanger … Continue reading