I created “The Gamer With Kids” as a resource for fellow gaming parents who might sometimes find it hard to juggle their love of gaming with the everyday happenings of child raising. I hope to make this a site where you can find information about things not covered on other gaming sites. Being a parent myself, I hope my experiences whether positive or negative will be a big help to others.

Over the years, this site has been expanded based on my and my kids changing tastes. I still love finding new apps for my kids to play with on their many devices, whether it be on mobile, console, or PC. Of course, I also love gaming myself so you’ll find news and reviews on games that I find interesting and fun. These include tons of indie games you’ve probably never heard of before as well as a few AAA titles. Some of these games might not be children approved, but I always make note of that in my reviews, seeing as I do have kids myself.

As time progresses, you may notice the focus of the site changing and this is due to the fact that my kids get older and so do I. I started this site when my first child was a toddler but now he’s in his double digits which means the games he plays are a bit more mature now. We still enjoy playing games together, they’re just different now.

About Me

I’m just your average guy who likes to play around with all sorts of tech. I would consider myself an avid gamer and can be seen nightly on either PSN, Xbox, or PC. If you really want to get to know me, best follow me on Twitter as well. All reviews here are done because I want to do them. The reviews seen here are done for fun or to inform others of my experience with said items. Reviews I post are for things I have paid for out of my own pocket as well as items and games that are given to me to review, but that does not influence my review in any way, shape, or form. If something sucks, it sucks.

I am also the Editor-in-Chief at G Style Magazine, a fashion-oriented tech blog. The reviews I place on my own blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the other sites I might guest write for.

– SamVersionOne

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