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Super Mario Bros. Updated With More Realistic Sound Effects

Saw this over at Crunchgear and thought it would be funny to share. Most of you have probably played Super Mario Bros. before and know the 8-bit sound effects quite well, but what would happen if Nintendo had the capabilities of adding Hollywood quality sound effects to the game? hmm… [via CrunchGear]

Zombie Brew! Rogue Dead Guy Ale

This basically gets a mention on here because its zombie related and I love anything that has to do with zombies or is remotely zombie-like. What we have here is the Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Anyone want to send me a bottle for my collection? [via uncrate]

Geek Tech: Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition

Looks like Verizon will be getting the most awesomest Android phone in the galaxy and the Droid 2 will be sporting some new duds. What you see is the Droid 2 in R2-D2 trim which I. MUST. HAVE. NOW!!! [via Engadget]

Geek: Fred and Friends Ice Invaders Cube Tray

I grew up during the 8-bit generation. Games like Pac Man, Galaga and Pitfall were games I loved to play in the arcades. That was of course when arcades were popular. 8-bit graphics had a certain feel to them that new games just can’t mimic. The simplicity of the graphics really complimented the challenging game … Continue reading