The Birth Of “The Gamer With Kids.”

If you’ve been following my other blog, (Tech)nically Speaking, than you should already know a little about me and my love of all things geek. In my blog, I usually talk about anything and everything that I find interesting but it can be a little bit overwhelming considering the broad range of topics I cover over there. Over there, I talk about anything from Star Wars to Formula Drift so sometimes what I post can get pretty off topic.

I wasn’t even thinking about creating another blog, but a few days ago I had this idea to make a gaming site specifically tailored to those gamers who had children. Now, I’m not talking about a  site where I talk about only children friendly games and what not. I mean yes, that will be a very small part of this blog but for the most part, I want this to be a resource for gaming parents. I want to talk about things based on my experiences with my own child such as how to manage your time between child raising and gaming or how to share your love of gaming with your children.

This will be a very different site from (Tech)nically Speaking, but it will still be me talking about a more focused subject. Certain posts I’m sure will overlap each other as my love for all things geek will trickle on over to here.


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