POWER A Pro Pack Mini for Wii Now Available

POWER A has a brand new 3rd party Nintendo Wii controller on sale that is 35% smaller than the regular Nintendo Wiimote and seems to be better sized for children. The main remote portion is smaller and features much larger buttons for more accuracy.

If you have any young children, you know how hard it is for them to reach all the buttons sometimes with their little hands so this is a great alternative. If you are interested in buying these, Amazon is selling them right now for $42.81 instead of the normal $49.99 and includes free shipping. Get it here in either Black or Purple.


  • MiniRemote™ is 35% smaller than the original Wii™ Remote
  • Ergonomically designed to provide a more comfortable grip
  • Wii MotionPlus™ compatible
  • Contoured surfaces with soft-touch no-slip grip
  • Glowing main control buttons
  • Larger A, 1 and 2 buttons for accuracy
  • Includes: 1 wireless MiniRemote™, 1 MiniChuk™ with 3ft (1m) Cord, and matching Wrist Strap
  • Available in Purple and Black
  • Watch the video!

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Enhance your gaming experience with the POWER A Pro Pack Mini for Wii. This high-caliber game controller offers all of the functionality as the original Wii remote, but has been resized to suit a wider range of hand sizes. With its sleek surfaces and ergonomic grip, the controller also ensures optimal comfort and performance–even after hours of playing. The set includes a MiniRemote, a MiniChuk, and is fully compatible with the Wii MotionPlus module.

Designed for Smooth, Comfortable Gaming
As the smallest Wii controller available on the market, the POWER A Pro Pack Mini is designed to accommodate hands of all sizes. The remote has been scaled down, and is 35-percent smaller than the original Wii Remote. Both adults and children will find the smaller frame feels more natural and intuitive.

The MiniRemote is also designed to keep you comfortable, even after long periods of intense gaming. The surfaces are gently contoured, reducing the pressure on your fingers. The MiniChuk features an ergonomic grip that conforms with your hand, ensuring that you don’t cramp up. And thanks to the included wrist strap, you won’t have to worry about accidentally hurling your remote during particularly physical gaming sessions.

Intuitive, Familiar Button Layout for Precise Control
In spite of its small size, the POWER A Pro Pack Mini completely retains the function of the original Wii controller. Both the MiniRemote and the MiniChuk use a familiar button layout that longtime Wii users are sure to enjoy. Additionally, a few improvements have been added. First, the remote’s A, 1, and 2 buttons have been enlarged to provide greater accuracy and responsiveness. The MiniChuk’s analog stick has been rebalanced for optimal weight, giving you more precise control than ever before. The built-in speaker has also been improved, and can now play back sounds with greater fidelity.

Attractive Visual Design
The POWER A Pro Pack Mini also features a sleek, attractive look that will complement your Wii. It sports a smart, slim design and a smooth, black finish. The main buttons and analog stick are also backlit, providing you with greater visibility in the dark.

Full MotionPlus Compatibility
The MiniRemote also features full compatibility with the MotionPlus expansion device (not included). MotionPlus enables the remote to sense movement even more effectively, giving you a more precise and realistic experience. Even nuanced actions–like wrist twitches and slow, gliding movements–can be picked up and replicated by MotionPlus. The MiniRemote also supports a variety of other, third-party attachments.

The POWER A Pro Pack Mini for Wii is backed by a two-year warranty. Visit POWER A’s website for details.

POWER A is dedicated to creating high-quality, innovative products that allow consumers to engage with their entertainment on a whole new level. Based in Seattle, the company holds partnerships with some of the most popular consumer electronics and video game companies in the world, including Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Apple. They specialize in designing video game controllers, kits, chargers, accessories, and more. POWER A is also committed to preserving the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency.

What’s in the Box
MiniRemote, MiniChuk, and a matching strap.

[via POWER A]

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