Preview: uDraw Studio and uDraw GameTablet (Wii)

I had heard about a new “game” coming out for the Nintendo Wii that was suppose to simulate real life drawing techniques and materials but didn’t know what it was called until today. The game is called uDraw Studio by THQ and Pipeworks Software and will only be available for the Nintendo Wii console.uDraw Studio features a full set of onscreen drawing tools and includes a uDraw GameTablet which is pretty much like using a Wacom Tablet if you’ve ever used one of those before.


Discover your inner artist with uDraw™ Studio. Utilizing the uDraw™ GameTablet™, players can finally express their own individual artistic creativity on Wii™.

Featuring versatile and easy-to-use tools, users can paint, draw, and color anything from simple doodles to intricate masterpieces. uDraw Studio offers the freedom to create spectacular works of art without the hassle of clean-up and comes bundled with the uDraw GameTablet.

Learn more about uDraw Studio after the break.


uDraw Studio is suppose to be very easy and intuitive to use. The game includes easy to understand tutorials which should help out any budding artist. uDraw Studio includes over 9 different drawing/painting tools, each of which can be adjusted to get any desired effect. uDraw Studio also includes hundreds of different stamps to use as well as 15+ filters for post processing.

uDraw Studio also features 11 different canvases to choose from which should make uDraw Studio quite a flexible and creative media game.

The one area where I was concerned about was whether or not your creations could be saved or exported and lucky enough, they can. By using an SD-Card, creations can be exported so that you can have them printed or shared with others. This is a major plus because a “game” like this would be useless if you could not export any of the creations you had made.


I think uDraw Studio has potential to be something special, however I’m not really too excited over the price point. First off, the uDraw GameTablet itself will run you about $69.99 when it is released and that doesn’t even include the software for it. Each “game” will be $29.99 which means you’ll be paying about $100 just to get started, and that doesn’t even include what you would have to pay for the Nintendo Wii if you don’ t already have one.

However, despite the price, uDraw Studio does seem quite interesting and I’m always excited about games have educational value for my child, especially those that teach the arts. I’m an artist myself so I’m always trying to get my child to engage in creative activities instead of just mindless fun.

Would I by this? I’m not really sure at this point. The hardware and software do look quite nice but I’m not really too keen on having it as a Nintendo Wii title. I think THQ should consider also making this for the PC/Mac platform which I think would actually reach more people and would be way more useful. This could eliminate the need to export your creations from the Wii to your computer and if THQ wanted to, they could even allow for direct upload to your favorite media sharing sites like flickr or Facebook.

There is a lot that THQ could do with uDraw Studio. Let’s just hope that they don’t limit it to just a Wii based game. uDraw Studio will be released around November 21st of this year.

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