DJ Lance and Lard Lad Dunny Arriving to Kid Robot Stores September 2nd

If you have children, you know what Yo Gabba Gabba is and who DJ Lance is. In fact, you may even be a fan yourself. I know I am. As weird as the show it, it is very catchy and children seem to really love it. Kid Robot will be releasing a 3-inch DJ Lance Dunny September 2nd to all their retail outlets for $9.95. The DJ Lance Dunny was previously only available at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con at limited quantities but will now be available to the general public. This might be one of the most unnecessary purchases I make this year but its an item I need to have. “Just because” is my reasoning.

Next up is Lard Lad Dunny from the Simpsons which will also be available from Kid Robot on September 2nd. The massive mascot of Homer Simpson’s favorite donut emporium, Lard Lad is 6-inches of donut hoarding vinyl. Lard Lad will be available for $39.95 when it is released.

[via KidRobot]

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