Vader Yourself – Like Autotune But With More Vader, Less T-Pain (iOS)

THQ has released another Star Wars related app on the App Store and it’s called Vader Yourself. What you basically do is record yourself and then let the app transform you voice into that of Darth Vader. The app is only $0.99. Normally anything Star Wars related would be an automatic download, however I’m not too sure if this really works and judging by the reviews posted on the app page, it doesn’t look too promising.


Do you want to sound like Darth Vader and bring out your inner Dark Side? Well, this is the app you’ve been waiting for!

Star Wars: Vader Yourself lets you speak into your iPod or iPod Touch (those with a microphone) and transform your own voice into that of the sinister Darth Vader!

The robust controls of the application will help you hone in on your inner Dark Side with adjustable settings for Pitch, Speed, and Tempo. Add various Vader breathing sounds to your recordings to really step it up a notch.

Name, rename, and save your recorded files for use at any time in the future. Recorded files you no longer need can also be easily deleted.

Want to share your Vader voice creations with your friends and family or use them outside of the application? You can do that too! The “Share” function allows you to send the files via email to yourself or to your friends and family! You can also connect the application directly to Facebook to show off you creations to your hundreds (or thousands) of Facebook friends.

Please be sure to read through the HELP section to get the best tips and tricks for Vader’ing yourself!

[via App Store]

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