The Toy Collector: Toys R Us Sightings 09.05.10

No matter how old I get, I will always have a fascination with toys. It died down a little as I got older but after having my son, my love of toys has come back full force. I love weekend outings to Toys R Us and I often see toys that I wish they had when I was a kid and if I could, I would buy them all up right now. Of course, once in a while I do a see a toy that just boggles my mind and makes me wonder why exactly is this being sold at a toy store?

This one “toy” really makes me wonder why would they even be selling this at Toys R Us. To the untrained eye it just looks like a regular cup game where players throw a small ball into it. However, to us seasoned vets, we caneasily recognize what this game really is. BEER PONG! This seems to be more like early childhood training for one of the most intense college games ever.

Next up are the LEGOs. I love LEGOs. I love the fact that with a LEGO set, you can basically build almost anything your imagination can think of as long as you have all the proper pieces. I had LEGOs as a child but I never had any LEGO sets like these. Toys R Us is literally stocked to the brim with all kinds of Star Wars LEGO sets which if I had the money, I would buy each and every single on of them. The X-Wing Fighter is probably my favorite of the bunch and also comes with 6 mini-figs.

I was actually pretty surprised to see a Back to the Future II toy. I was almost tempted to buy this as I haven’t ever seen one of these before. Plus it comes with a a mini DeLorean!

The rest of what I saw at Toys R Us I have in the gallery below. Lots of superhero stuff from DC Comics, some video game related merchandise, and lots of Toy Story toys for all ages. I even saw a pretty sick Star War: The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Lunchbox Tin.

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