Happy 11th Birthday SEGA Dreamcast

Happy 11th birthday SEGA Dreamcast. When you were current gen, you provided me with hours of enjoyment daily with hardly a hiccup. You never broke on me once and I always thought your official visual memory unit (VMU) was way ahead of its time. You provided me with my first taste of online console gaming and to this day, I still have fond memories of ChuChu Rocket! Your lifespan was cut way to short here in the US, but during that time, you brought us great hits like Power Stone, Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, Soul Caliber, Crazy Taxi, F355 Challenge, and Shenmue.

I currently have you in storage, but you know what? I may reawaken you so that my son may also enjoy some of the great games you once entertained me with.

Happy 8th birthday SEGA Dreamcast.

Note: Yes. I still own a perfectly mint SEGA Dreamcast with 2 controllers, 2 VMUs, a microphone attachment (for SeaMan!) and a whole bunch of games.

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