Awesome NES Controller Skin for Your iPhone 4

This is a must buy for any iPhone 4 owner who’s also a die hard gaming geek. The guys over at Short Sleeve Alliance are selling a rather nice, retro themed NES Controller decal for the rear of your iPhone 4.  It’s only $5 and will help protect the back of your iPhone 4 from scratches.

In commemoration of my new iPhone, we decided to spice it up a bit. Cut and printed on quality gloss vinyl, and run through a series of prototypes to get the cuts and angles just right we bring to you the NES controller. Its made specifically to fit around the iPhone 4 and its rear facing camera and does not interfere with the fancy clash. It won’t fit on other iphones… yet, we’re still working on those.

[via CrunchGear via Etsy]

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