Parents Who Want to Give Thier Child an Affordable Messaging Device – Try the New Peek 9

If you have children, you know how social they can be and how expensive your phone bills are sometimes especially with added features like text and data. Peek is hoping that its new device, the Peek 9 will change all that. The Peek 9 really isn’t for children. Its a device aimed squarely at people who can’t quite afford a smartphone and the service required for one but still want of the features such as email, text, Facebook and Twitter. It’s also for people who have smartphones but only use like all the basic functions of a smartphone and who do not need all the extra fluff.

The premise of the device however makes it ideal for parents who want to give their children messaging capabilities but without the high prices seen with some carriers. The device itself is $70.00 which is cheaper than most smartphones although you can find similar messaging type phones for less at the major carriers. Monthly service is $19.99 but you can cut that down to $9.99/month if you pay for 2 years up front. Price wise, that’s not too bad especially if you purchase the 2 year plan.

The Peek 9 definitely is far from the perfect device, but for some of you it might be the device you have been looking for.

[via Peek]

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