Review: Cookie Domination by Sandlot Games (PC)

If you checked out our preview last week of Cookie Domination, than you already know a little about the game itself. The premise of the game is basically to capture territories on a  map in order to control it. It sounds simple enough but in actuality, it requires quite a bit of strategy and skill. Also, don’t let the cuteness and the girlie nature of the game fool you either. After you get past that, you’ll find that Cookie Domination is a serious strategic turn-based game similar to that of RISK.

You start off Cookie Domination with a short tutorial on how to play that game. The game itself isn’t hard at all to understand especially if you’ve played similar games. There are 5 cookie clubs to choose from although there doesn’t seem to be any advantages to choosing any of them. It really just comes down to personal preference. I myself choose the nerds obviously. By the way, the game only features female characters. This might turn off some players from trying Cookie Domination but there are ways of minimizing the female factor in the game options if that bothers you. I do however want to state again that you shouldn’t let this affect your judgment on the game as it really is an enjoyable strategic turn-based game.

The game mostly plays all on a single screen which is the main map screen. In-between each move you make while attacking, the game plays a series of animations that show you and the club you are invading battling it out to capture that territory. It’s fun to watch the first few time but after that, it just gets a little repetitive. Luckily, you can disable that in the options menu and instead activate fast combat which greatly increases the pace of the game.

Cookie Domination requires a decent amount of strategy and skill. I tried letting my 4 year old play this game and he just couldn’t really understand how to play. Even though this game is very cutesy, I’d say that young children would have a difficult time playing it unless you really explained to them the ins and outs of how a game like this works and even if you did, it might still be difficult for them to understand. However, I think teens and adults would enjoy playing this especially on a casual basis. You can usually crank out a round in about 10-20 minutes so it’s a pretty good time waster. I actually enjoy games like this because you can actually finish a round quickly especially if you are short on free time.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the girlie nature of Cookie Domination fool you. Deep down, it’s a very fun and deep strategic turn-base game that requires a bit of thinking. The nature of the game is still casual but its not something that is mindless. Children could play it but it requires a bit of explaining for them to understand the nature of a strategic turn-based game. I will say however that my son does enjoy watching me play the game however.

You can purchase Cookie Domination now for $9.99 from Sandlot Games’ website here – Cookie Domination.



Conquer the nation one cookie at a time in Cookie Domination, a unique turn-based strategic adventure from Sandlot Games!

When devious new cookie clubs begin selling their sweets to your potential customers, the only way to stop them is by taking back the territories they’ve captured. Strategically place new recruits, build up your strong-willed army of cookie troops, and dominate enemy neighborhood strongholds.

Choose from five different cookie clubs – Goths, Nerds, Hicks, Cheerleaders, and Jocks – and earn over 15 in-game achievements as you reclaim your territories.

You’ll need more than sugar and spice and everything nice to achieve full Cookie Domination!


  • 5 unique Cookie Clubs
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Humorous fight scenes
  • 50 levels of increasingly challenging gameplay
  • Earn 17 in-game achievements


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