Flight Doodle Update Includes Game Center Integration and a New User Interface

Eyedip has updated their game Flight Doodle once again but instead of just a graphical update, this one actually adds some new features. The new update now includes Game Center integration as well as a new user interface. They’ve also included in this update new power-ups and improved boost mechanics. Read more for details.

Press Release

Flight Doodle Update Includes Game Center Integration and New User Interface
Eyedip adds more social sharing options, introduces new power-up, and enhances boost mechanics

New York, NY — November 16, 2010 — Eyedip announces Game Center integration for its high-flying balloon game, Flight Doodle, available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Flight Doodle players can now view achievements and compare best scores on global leaderboards within the Game Center community. In addition to the new social sharing options, the latest update of Flight Doodle also features a brand new “bomb” power-up, revamped boost mechanics, and exciting new balance changes.

Flight Doodle is a tilt-controlled, hot-air balloon game that combines customizable air-crafts with playful graphics to create a cheerfully light-hearted gaming experience. Attempting to reach extreme heights, players collect tools and power-ups to amplify their agility, avoid varied enemies and blast obstacles.

The “bomb” power-up detonates all enemies in sight and the update presents players with exciting new challenges like faster difficulty progression and even an overheating balloon! In addition, the new user interface element monitors boost power and a dynamic slider controls game speed.

“Game Center integration broadens the social gaming network for our fans, and to make sure the competitive landscape stays interesting, we’ve made several balance changes to incorporate all of the fantastic feedback from our fans,” says Steven Fleisher, Co-Founder of Eyedip. “Power-ups drop more frequently so we scaled up the rate that the difficulty increases in order to coincide with the new increased fire power.”

“We make a concerted effort to continuously fine-tune the user experience,” says Jeremy Adelman, Co-Founder of Eyedip. “The new user interface, ‘bomb’ power-up, and difficulty adjustments will present players with more opportunities to make high-impact gameplay decisions. For us, providing players with interesting choices and new mechanics is what game design is all about.”

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