Push Panic Available Now in the App Store – A Frantically Fun New Puzzle Game

Appular today released their second title for the iPhone, Push Panic. Push Panic is a color-matching game with its own unique twist. Players must tap same colored blocks to form combos before the pile of blocks reach past the red line and topple over. Push Panic features four modes of play as well as Game Center support. We’ll be posting up a full review in a couple of days so stay tuned.

Push Panic is available now in the App Store for $0.99.

Press Release

New York, NY — November 23, 2010 — Appular announces the launch of Push Panic for iPhone and iPod touch, the second of its seven titles scheduled for release this Fall. Push Panic is an exhilarating color-matching puzzle game that includes four action-packed gameplay modes focused on the frantic creation of explosive color-coded combos. Each mode delivers intense challenges that feature a competitive live-ranking system for facing off against friends in this challenging game that is as rewarding to conquer as it is fun to play!

Triumph over friends in four exciting gameplay modes:

  • Classic mode consists of 50 levels. Advance in rank by completing objectives and earning bronze, silver or gold medals!
  • Color Panic mode allows no more than eight blocks of the same color to be on the screen at once. Create as many combinations and links as possible while abiding by the challenging rule!
  • Challenge strategic abilities in Time Panic to attain the highest possible score in 180 short seconds!
  • Score Panic mode gives users an unlimited amount of time to score and endless gameplay. Be careful to not get too relaxed, as the block drop rate increases every 30 seconds!

Earn a multitude of medals and outrank challengers by linking as many blocks of the same color together. Tap the boxes to push combinations off the screen before the pile reaches the red panic bar and topples over! Random power-ups include chain-links that combine multiple color strings, point multipliers, time freezes, bombs, and an arrow block that pushes up the panic bar. OpenFeint and Game Center integration add a compelling social element that allows competition in real-time on global leaderboards.

“Originally, Push Panic was a game I developed while exploring new elements of Objective-C and coding. I didn’t realize its true potential until people told me that it would make an awesome game. That’s how Push Panic came to be,” says Barry Kostjens, developer of Push Panic. “In order to bring this concept to life, I knew I needed a graphics designer who had the capacity to bring a balance between captivating gameplay and electrifying graphics. With Ricardo de Zoete on board, we were able to make Push Panic visually tantalizing and fun to play.”

In celebration of launching Push Panic, Appular is hosting a contest on their Facebook page and is giving away $150 in iTunes Gift Cards and an iPod touch. For more information on how to enter, visit Appular on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Appular.

Push Panic is available for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/push-panic/id398080528?mt=8

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