“Daily App Dream” Site Launched – Free Games and Apps Posted Daily

A new site has opened up called “Daily App Dream” that promises free apps and games every single day. By working with developers and publishers, their goal is to bring popular paid apps to you for free on a daily basis. There are already similar sites out there but there’s always room for more as who doesn’t like free apps and games? I know I do. You can check out the new site here.

Press Release

“Daily App Dream” Has Launched, And Brings You Free Games & Apps Every Day Of The Week!

Consumers and the games industry at large rejoice as the new messiah of free games and app portals have arrived! Daily App Dream has opened its door on this cold December morning with a line-up of games so hot, it will fry your chestnuts! Daily App Dream offers free games and apps every day of the week, spanning all categories of entertainment on the Apple iOS platforms, and will feature no less than 3 high-quality, and hand-picked, games or apps, every day in its opening week. Consumers can sign up with their contact information to receive daily notifications about titles available for download, and developers interested in featuring their own games for a limited-time free promotion can submit an application to be featured on the website.

Daily App Dream focuses on showcasing games and apps normally only available as paid product, introducing to consumers a way of trying out games and apps that are normally out of reach without hand in pocket. As the portal is operated on an advertising revenue basis, there is no cost associated at all from a consumer perspective!

With the launch of Daily App Dream, Santa has come early this year, and everyone is encouraged to visit www.dailyappdream.com to experience first-hand a new milestone in games portals and the first batch of smokin’ hot games!

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