TGWK’s Tutorials – Disable In-App Purchases and Other Restrictions

Being a parent and having a son who loves playing games on my iPhone, the first thing I made sure to do was disable In-App Purchases. I don’t know how many times I’ve read stories about this on the internet about a parent whose child has racked up some insane amount of money on their bill because they had purchases items within the app.

Granted, it’s not really a feature they they tell you about when you first purchase your device, however most users who have played with their devices long enough know about this it.

Basically, by disabling In-App Purchases, you are doing just that. You are making it impossible for any user on your phone to make purchases when within an app. I do this because many of the apps I download to review include In-App purchasing options and the last thing I need is my child accidentally making a ton of purchases. It’s a feature that is very simple to enable and it’s also password protected so only you can re-enable it.

Settings Icon > General > Restrictions > Allowed Content

Just click the Settings Icon and hit the General section. From there look for Restrictions and enable it. It will ask you for a password. Here, you can enable restrictions on a number of different features. You want to look for the Allowed Content Section and click “off” on In-App Purchases. Simple.

If you want to take restrictions a bit further, you can also disable installing of apps, deleting of apps, app ratings, and Game Center privacy settings. If you have children who sometimes use your iOS devices without supervision, I highly suggest enabling these restrictions.

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