Captain Puzzle Trailer from Spearhead Games (iOS)

I just got my hands on a new puzzle game from Spearhead Games called Captain Puzzle. Captain Puzzle is a comic book themed puzzle game where the object of the game is to destroy the villains and retrieve the stars. The game has a bit of an “Angry Birds” feel to it while also mashing up elements of games like Bust-A-Move. It certainly makes for a more unique gaming experience than the influx of Angry Birds type games. We’ll have a full review later once we get a chance to play it a bit more. In the meantime, check out the trailer and click the read more link for the full press release.

Captain Puzzle is available for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch at:

Press Release

Kapow! Villains Shutter in Fear As Captain Puzzle Blasts Onto the Scene Join the brash puzzler as he puts his brains to the test in an effort to bring home the stars

Stockholm, Sweden — February 1, 2011 — Spearhead Entertainment announces the release of their fourth title, Captain Puzzle, a comic book themed match three puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch. Captain Puzzle, a pompadour-donning superhero and his community’s only hope for survival, is armed with a chromatic collection of neutralizers and must travel through four intricate locations to return a batch of pillaged stars to the city.  Each of the locations includes 18 uniquely designed levels to test users’ ingenuity, mettle, and aim.

As the star-powered metropolis is invaded by villains, the city and its inhabitants are in dire need of the caped crusader’s help. Captain Puzzle arrives on the scene shortly after the discovery of three missing stars from a monument located in the heart of the city. He must track down the mischievous villains and retrieve the abducted stars while conquering more than 50 levels across four divergent environments: the downtown city, the nuclear complex, the frigid ice cave, and finally the secret laboratory.

The heroic crime-fighter swoops in to rescue the day with an arsenal of colored coded nullifiers designed to eliminate same-colored villains on contact. These neutralizing spheres only react when in contact with at least two villains of the same color. Knowing this, the adept evildoers have organized themselves sporadically throughout the levels to challenge our hero’s cognitive abilities. Users must also take precaution while aiming, as the stars have a limited lifespan and the superlative superhero is rendered useless once his stockpile of weapons has depleted. In addition, the copacetic puzzler’s primary weapon comes with one caveat: the neutralizers have the potential to turn into enemies if they latch onto any surface without detonating.

“Not only is Captain Puzzle is an incredibly addicting game, but it also incorporates an interesting back-story, which we feel adds to the overall experience. We’ve spent an incredible amount of time designing the stages and even put together a mini-comic trailer that prefaces Captain Puzzle’s adventures,” says Ka Wang Wu, Producer at Spearhead Entertainment. “We are dedicated to bringing forth the most innovative and creative titles on the iTunes App Store and Captain Puzzle embodies our mantra.”

About Spearhead Entertainment:
Formed in August 2009 by four students of Stockholm University, Sweden, Spearhead Entertainment is a Swedish game development company geared towards bringing forth innovative and creative titles for the iTunes App Store. Their first title, Phoenix Spirit, has won the “Best Mobile Game” award at the Swedish Game Awards 2010. For more information, please visit:

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