TAITO’s New Bust-A-Move for iPhone Gameplay Video

I’ve always been a big fan of the Bust-A-Move franchise, especially when playing it with multiple people. I believe my first memories of the game were when I owned it years ago on the N64. Since then, there have been numerous games that have tried to emulate the successful formula that Bust-A-Move brought to puzzle games. The original is back now and has been upgraded for use on the iOS platform. AS you can see from the trailer, the gameplay stays true to the original, but they’ve also added all new styles of gameplay as well. You can purchase the New Bust-A-Move now in the App Store for $4.99.


The originator of the Match 3 genre!
Packed with new tricks, the latest installment in the world-famous Bust-A-Move series is here!

Burst the bubbles that obstruct our hero Bubblun’s path and help him along his quest!
Skillful use of the new Jump Shot technique will help you overcome any obstacle!
This edition of the game features both all the classic elements you know and love along with new tricks and gimmicks!
Certain to hook both longtime fans as well as newcomers!

* The new Jump Shot bubble-launching mode lets your shots jump over obstacles on the way to its destination!
Easy to use but challenging to master, Jump Shots add a whole new level of strategy and excitement!

* Other new tricks of the trade include exploding Bomb Bubbles, a Hold Box that lets you save bubbles for future use, and more!

* Includes both original “classic-style” stages as well as challenging boss battles and innovative stages that operate under completely new rules!

* Burst waves of bubbles and aim for a high score in the Endless marathon game play mode!

* Game Center compatible, with achievements and global high score rankings to spice up your game play!

– iOS version 3.0 or newer is required.
– For the best gaming experience, after installation please reboot your device before launching the app.

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